2002 Wales Commonwealth Games £2 Circulated Coin

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2002 Wales Commonwealth Games £2 Circulated Coin

In 2002, the Royal Mint issued a commemorative coin series to mark the celebration of sporting excellence at the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

There are four different designs, all similar except that the central cameo features in turn the flags of, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

The obverse depicts a runner holding a banner which resembles a running track in a victory pose as they cross the line. 

Between the banner and the finish line is a flag in a circle. Each coin represents a different flag from one of the home nations. This coin is the 2002 Wales Commonwealth Games £2 Circulated Coin.

The legend reads "XVII COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2002" on the right side of the coin.

Matthew Bonaccorsi provided the winning entry in a design competition. 

The edge inscription reads 'Spirit of Friendship. Manchester 2002' 

2002 Wales Commonwealth Games £2 Circulated Coin Mintage: 588,500

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