New Release: Alfred the Great £5 Coin

New Alfred The Great £5 Coin to be released by the Royal Mint

A new £5 coin depicting Alfred the Great is set to be released by the Royal Mint in 2021.

Alfred was born in 849 and served as the King of Wessex, a Saxon kingdom based in the southwest of modern day England, from 871 to his death on 26th October 899 AD. He ruled over his Anglo-Saxon kingdom and emerged as a military force, a promoter of reforms and an incredible leader. One of his most important achievement was to prevent an island-wide invasion from the Danes and establish a united Anglo-Saxon culture.

Alfred also introduced a reformed coinage. By reissuing coins with unified weights and sizes, he helped restore peoples faith in the economy. Under his reign the first round half pennies were introduced. Alfred left behind an extraordinary legacy, reforming the traditions and structure of early English society, maintaining peace in uncertain times and introducing structure, judicial processes and education which left a considerable cultural impact on the generations that followed.

The epithet of 'the Great' was said to have been bestowed by 16th century writers. Alfred is the only King to be referred to as 'the Great'.

The obverse of the coin will likely feature the fifth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark, with the inscription“· ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · FID · DEF · 5 POUNDS”.

The reverse will feature a depiction of Alfred the Great accompanied by the inscription “· ALFRED THE GREAT” and the dates “871· 2021”. The coin will have a plain edge and the inscription “AELFRED MEC HEHT GEWYRCAN”

The release date is yet to be confirmed but expected to be mid April.

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